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DeFalco LLC is a Professional, Certified, and Insured
GPS and Dashcam Installation Company specializing in Fleets


A little about Rick DeFalco and DeFalco LLC:

      I have been in the automotive electronic accessory installation profession for over 50 years, the last 10 years as an independent installation contractor working with several GPS providers and route integration companies. At this time we use 50 (and growing) highly qualified installation technicians to execute jobs large or small anywhere in the country. I require each of these installation techs I use to send me a copy of their insurance certificate and W-9 and I have those on file. All my techs are independent contractors and as highly skilled professionals they stay in demand. All work is sent to these techs for approval before scheduling.

       We install a large range of products from simple OBD "plug and play" tracking devises to ELD integrations and heavy-duty units in over the road trucks. We have done asset trackers in all types of yellow iron and machinery. We have executed thousands of three-wire units with everything from diagnostic interface to driver ID buttons, temp sensors, PTO and pony motor monitoring, ETC. Our dash camera experience includes simple front facing cameras, AI camera systems, and a full spectrum six camera AI system with lane monitoring that coveres the entire outside of the vehicle. We have also installed APC (automated people counter) systems in 27 trains for a metropolitan transit authority.

      I have attached an array of photos of installations we have done including an RFID reader, tablet, VLU and modem project for the city of Tampa and a GPS fleet project for Ingersol Rand Security we executed in Cleveland Ohio. There are pictures from a Hess oil project in North Dakota that show a red deactivation button to shut off the cellular communication side of their units so they can drive the trucks into restricted areas where radio detonators are used, and no cellular devices are allowed. Along with pictures of the driver ID and panic button that were included in the completed install. There are example pictures of door switch installs and a Pelican box in a refrigerated trailer, plus unit placement on roadside message boards and a 2017 Great Dane. And just for fun, there is a picture of a sidewalk snowplow I did up in Maine.

 For more information about DeFalco LLC, you can go to my LinkedIn page, or view the current map of my techs' locations via the links at the bottom of this page.


Rick DeFalco / DeFalco LLC / Nationwide Onsite Installation Service Experts (NOISE)

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